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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  April 4, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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administrationing is not by accident. it's not mismanagement. this son purpose as i said earlier, todd. this is their plan. this is open borders. they think they are future democratic voters to remain in control of government. >> todd: tom who heman, thank you very much. we appreciate your time. >> ashley: todd, thanks for having me. "fox & friends" starts right now. [explosion] >> growing evidence of civilian masters. [explosion] >> surround ukraine as zelenskyy now turns to hollywood. >> dream of them living free like you on the- >> justice department is continuing its investigation into hunter biden. >> we need a biden crime family committee and we need one now. >> is the president county didn't break the law. >> of course the president is confident. >> set to vote on a supreme court nominee ketanji brown jackson. >> most liberal justice to ever
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serve on the supreme court. >> biden administration confirmed it is revoking title 42. >> mexico? >> we are going to see a human title wave across this border. >> here comes henderson all alone south carolina has captured its second national championship. ♪ >> steve: how pretty is that? live from atlanta, georgia at 6:01 eastern time. it's "fox & friends" live from studio m here in the heart of midtown manhattan. down in atlanta about 50 degrees. going for a daytime high of 75. >> ainsley: spring is creeping in slowly. >> steve: like our camera. >> ainsley: come on in. >> steve: brian is off today and tomorrow and lawrence jones is
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in his spot. lawrence is doing something you hardly ever see him do. >> lawrence: i put a tie on this morning. >> ainsley: i like it. >> very pretty. i like that color. what did you do this weekend? >> lawrence: i had my show. a lot of breaking news happening and we had breaking news today as well. the president zelenskyy talking. >> ainsley: oh my word. it was so power line. he spoke at the grammys. a pretaped interview probably 48 hours from a bunker. extremely powerful. it put things into perspective. we are so grateful to be americans. we are celebrating the grammys, the awards ceremony here in america. it's a completely dinner theme as you know in ukraine. >> steve: he gave a speech about the power of music and war and urged artists to use their talent to tell the truth how russia is trying to destroy and murder the people of ukraine. here is president zelenskyy at the grammys last night. >>
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our children draw swooping rockets, not shooting stars. >> lawrence: you know president zelenskyy is not just a great leader. is he a great communicator. we see atrocities all the time
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worldwide. but the way that he has been able to tell the story of the ukrainian people while still asking for help. the way he has been able to stand there in battle shoulder to shoulder with his men there, i just think it's incredible. and you know what all the disinformation that is out there, for the world to see, these pictures that we're seeing in the city right outside of lviv, it is heart-breaking. eventually you have got to believe your eyes. you just can't continue to say things are i don't believe everything that is out there when you are seeing these heart breaking pictures. and the stuff -- we have to censor because there is dead children and women in the streets. >> ainsley: last night at the grammys john legend performed with ukrainian. and one of them his sister fighting in the ukrainian army
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while she was on stage here. one of them said she cried when she took the stage because she feels the page of what is happening to her people in ukraine. and she saw the images up on the screen. steve: president zelenskyy introduced this act. it was ukrainian singer mika newton while she is on the stage at the grammys in las vegas, her sister is fighting the russian army. >> ainsley: the other lady in the back is playing that traditional ukrainian instrument. >> steve: with john legend at the piano. i don't know why the as carries said no to zelenskyy appearing. last night he was at the grammys and he is the number one thing people are talking about this morning. it's about how he was trying to on the world stage once again say hey, the war is not over they are still killing us and we need help. >> ainsley: has that been because i was reading that sean penn wanted to introduce him in this video. and he wasn't able to. they weren't able to get zelenskyy for some reason.
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>> steve: for the oscars? >> ainsley: they said no. >> steve: we don't want that part of the show. >> lawrence: i think there is an effort to bypass this story, especially when you hear some of roforts saying that the russians are retreating. on my show covered about them now leaving those landmines in the middle of the street over where the dead bodies are. it is just very cruel what's taking place. it doesn't seem like it's over. >> ainsley: no. these images surfaced over the weekend. they have been taken through the satellite company called maxar technologies. they have been releasing satellite images and taking them throughout the month of march. march 30th they released images of mass graves and women and children being killed. zelenskyy said women had their earrings ripped out of their ears before they were molested and i saw an image of a man onen a bicycle just riding down the street and the bicycle was on the ground and the man was dead. >> steve: zelenskyy talked about that last night there are also these reports that as the
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russian tanks are moving to another location. they are apparently putting bus loads of children at the front of the tanks so that the ukrainians don't destroy the tanks. >> ainsley: human shields. >> steve: it's a war crime. >> lawrence: i think i don't think we can state it enough there has been a clear shift in the way we talk about what's happening in ukraine. it's because of the president. it's because of their leader decided to put this on the world stage. and without that leader, i don't think we would be covering what's happening in ukraine. it's awesome to see him there, considering the circumstances, continuing to make that plea for help from the international community. >> ainsley: internationally, the outrage is just mounts over these horrific images that have been emerging from ukraine. ♪ >> steve: straight to a fox news alert. and images show hundreds of innocent civilians massacred in areas outside of kyiv, even though the russians say it was all staged by the ukrainians.
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>> lawrence: griff jenkins is in lviv west of kyiv. griff, what can you tell us this morning? >> griff: well, good morning, lawrence, ainsley, and steve. and you guys are exactly right. this after 40 days of fighting. this is really showing the true brutality, the atrocities of this war. now, we need to warn our viewers. the images we are going to show you are disturbing and they are difficult to see. but, take a look. this is the aftermath of the withdrawal of russian troops in the suburbs of the capital of kyiv. you see the bodies of men, women, children, the elderly, lying in the streets of bucha key suburb. these are the no soldiers. innocent civilians, some of them had their hands tied behind their back. president zelenskyy is calling this genocide. and is he demanding security guarantees from all western nations. watch.
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>> unbelievable. son ken traited evil has come to our land, murderers, tort temperaturers, rapists, looters who refer to themselves as the army and who deserve only death after what they did. this as you mentioned ainsley, this brand new satellite image from max are a showing a 40-foot long mass grave in bucha. the death toll is easily in the hundreds. a local resident struggled for words to describe what happened. watch. >> [bleep] i'm sorry. the tanks behind me was shooting dogs who were sitting in a cellar two weeks. food, no light. no heating to warm up. >> this as human rights watch team releases a report documenting cases of repeated rape and summary execution in
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not only bucha but in other parts of ukraine as well. as for the latest strike, guys, yesterday, odesa, the sea port city on western side of the access of the black sea struck for the first time. that's a new development and suggests that putin may be looking to further try to seal off the black sea access mariupol on east side odesa on the west side. missile struck. no casualties being reported from local officials there. it apparently hit critical infrastructure. we will bring you more as we get it this morning. lawrence, ainsley, steve? >> steve: hey, griff, as we were looking at the video of everything destroyed, i mean, complete scorched earth and people dead. all over the place. what are the people of ukraine say regarding the russian side of the story which is, you know, the ukrainians staged all that
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to engender sympathy for the ukrainian people? they say it's fake news. those images, all those dead people. fake news. >> griff: it's a great question. steve. as we have been reporting from the beginning, the ukrainians could not distrust the russians more. remember, when this invasion began 40 days ago. russians were saying they were not targeting civilians. what we have seen in more risk fashion is exactly the opposite. then we heard that during the withdrawal from the capital, coming out of negotiation last week, that they were not going to escalate things but yet we have seen strikes continue as the russian troops try to redeploy. now, of course, russian officials denying this -- saying this is fake news. and this is somehow perpetrated by the ukrainians. and now a representative a spokesman for the kremlin saying they want a u.n. council meeting
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to bring up ukraine provocation is absolutely infuriating the ukrainian people who are more united than they have ever been. because when you are on the ground here. you have every bit of ability to feel and hear from the ukrainian people who say they are fighting for their existence. they are fighting for their lives. while we're safer on the western side. those in the capital region the east may not live to see tomorrow. steve? >> ainsley: griff, zelenskyy said he not only wants to hold putin accountability but military commanders givings instructions and orders. zelenskyy went on to have a message for the mothers of these russian men, these soldiers who are killing his people. he said they are torturing our people to death. they are strange gling them, the women after their earrings are ripped out of their ears. they are burned alive, executed with their hands behind their back and decapitations. russian mothers, even if you i raised looters how did they also
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become butchers? any word that these messages will get back to the russian people? >> griff: well, maybe, ainsley. it's a great point. but at the end of the day, what president zelenskyy wants to do is to try and reach the families any way he can of the russian troops. because if our viewers look into this human rights watch report, the first of its kind with more expected to come, it's unbelievably horrific behavior. that tee phis all conventional warfare action and that is why he hopes, president zelenskyy that is, hopes that somehow it could get back it through cross-country families because, remember, many russians live in ukraine and perhaps word get back as we know vladimir putin tries to shut down any sort of information access to get the real truth into that country. >> lawrence: griff jenkins live in lviv, ukraine. excellent reporting.
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just to put a button on this, guys. part of our reporting was talking about when they first got into combat a lot of these young boys didn't know what they were getting into. they didn't know they were raping women now? they didn't know they were murdering people in the middle of the street. taking earrings ripping them out. tying them together. i mean i think the way we are talking about this war is going to change real quickly. you can't tell me these people didn't know. >> ainsley: russians see images and don't believe they caused because their own boys and husbands are over there fighting. >> steve: they were told by mr. putin ukraine is run by a bunch of nazis and we are going go in ukraine and free the nation of nazis. they are not nazis, just saying. >> ainsley: he is jewish, zelenskyy. >> steve: the white house chief of staff confident that hunter biden did the right thing as the walls around the president's son appear to be closing n some fashion. chris christie fired up
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yesterday on the story originally ignored by the mainstream media and he had a lot to say. >> the facts that we know now are the "new york post" had it right during the campaign last year and the other media outlets had it wrong. ainsley: what went wrong as airlines had to cancel thousands of flights over the weekend? spring breakers were stuck. they were unable to get home. we're a different kind of dentistry. one who believes in doing anything it takes to make dentistry work for your life. so we offer a complete exam and x-rays free to new patients without insurance - everyday. plus, patients get 20% off their treatment plan. we're on your corner and in your corner every step of the way. because your anything is our everything. aspen dental. anything to make you smile. book today at,
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$1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. >> ashley: back with your headlines, a manhunt underway for multiple suspects a after a mass shooting leaves six people dead and 12 people injured in
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sacramento. police say at least two shooters opened fire on a large crowd early sunday morning. it was just blocks from california's state capital building. officials say four of the 12 injured have life threatening injuries. and the senate judiciary committee will vote today on ketanji brown jackson to the supreme court. the confirmation vote could come as soon as thursday. several top republicanators have said they will not vote to confirm. but the judge is expected to be confirmed after republican senator susan collins said she would vote yes. and major travel delays this weekend as more than 3500 u.s. flights were canceled. airlines blaming bad weather conditions in florida, especially and specifically pointing to airports in miami, fort lauderdale and tampa as well as orlando as the heart of the issue. southwest also blaming air travel congestion and alaska airlines is still dealing with delays due to pilot labor disputes. and some of the biggest names in packing the mgm.
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the wig beginner john ba tis took home five grammys including album of the year. others chris stapleton best album second year in the world best are a cyst olivia rodrigo. silk sonic carrie underwood unveiled new song ghost story. arab arab those your headlines i don't know who silc sonic is. i guess 33 -- >> lawrence: chris stapleton the only country music singer i listen. to say. >> steve: i like toby keith. >> lawrence: caught in a gas station. brother singing he has soul in
3:22 am
him. this is not a brother. this is chris stapleton. i started listening to him. he has lot of soul in him. >> steve: he won a big award last night at the grammys where, by the way, nobody got slapped. >> ainsley: thankfully. a lot of jokes about it. steve: speaking of jokes, let's talk a little bit about the -- you know, the coverage when you think the "new york times" and "the washington post," they have now said that the hunter biden laptop was real. so it's kind of a joke that they really didn't cover it in the runup to the election between joe biden and donald trump. >> ainsley: posted on twitter about it you were censored and the article taken down. >> steve: they wanted joe biden to get elected. now he is the president. here we are north of a year into his presidency and what's happening? well, people are starting to say hey, wait a minute, there is something to that apparently the laptop is real. hunter and joe biden's brother got $5 million from a chinese
3:23 am
energy conglomerate in about a year. what's up with that? who is the big guy? is that joe biden? did he get 10% of $5 million? or what did he get? g. >> ainsley: not to mention the money he got from burisma. of the "new york times" first to authenticate it recently and then "the washington post." "the washington post" they said we have the hard drive last summer. we have had our experts. our forensic experts going through them. so why are they just releasing it now? they are saying they were just authenticked. >> lawrence: it took them over the year to do it. the interesting thing is, you would think that normally the press wants to be the first one to report something. sadly, in this story, they decided that they didn't want to be the first ones to break it but there is no new information. i mean, the laptop. >> steve: readers of the "new york times." >> lawrence: there is nothing that is new or original that they are now reporting that's been out for over a year. >> steve: on this channel. >> ainsley: because of this channel, because of miranda
3:24 am
devine. >> steve: listen, now that we know that the laptop is real, the hard drive has been thawcketted now there are questions about how far up does this go? does it -- you know, we have heard that apparently as you will hear in this soundbite, ron klain, the white house chief of staff says that, you know, the president is confident that hunter didn't do anything wrong and by the way this guy exxonner rates the president as well. and really puts a special emphasis on the fact that hunter does not work at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. listen to this. >> neither the president or any of us at the white house have had any contact with the justice department about that. >> is the president confident hunter biden didn't break the law? >> of course the president is confident that his son didn't break the law. but, most importantly, as i said, that's a matter that's going to be decided by the justice department. by the legal process.
3:25 am
it's something that no one at the white house has involvement. in the president is confident that his family did the right thing. but being, again, i want to be cereal really clear. these are actions by hunter and his brother. they are private matters they don't involve the president and certainly nothing anybody at the white house is involved in. >> ainsley: ever had somebody someone in your family that has a criminal record order someone that has done a lot of things you don't normally say i'm confident he has not con anything wrong. you normally say here gee again what has he done this time? >> lawrence: the story continues to change. originally it was russian disinformation and we shouldn't be looking at this at all. now it has evolved to that no laws were broken here and that the president is totally not involved with it. this is now a private matter between hunter. there is also another story that they continue to sell to the american people either he was drug addicted and he should have the sympathy of the american people because you have family members going through the same. or, he was successful businessman that was totally
3:26 am
qualified. you can't be both at the same time. >> steve: but the thing the white house is pushing and we have heard jen psaki this from the podium at the white house is hunter biden, you know, she is not going to talk about it because shund a private individual. he doesn't work for the federal government. then they also say and the president had no involvement. how do we know the president had no involvement? we haven't seen it yet. we don't know that that is true or not. chris christie was on abc yesterday and he was in a panel surrounded by people who in the last year, and a half have really soft pedaled the entire story, now he,. >> chris: cities, former governor of new jersey made sure they understood what was going on here. watch. in. this the idea that somehow when making the hunter biden decision in the midst of an elections campaign we are saying we have got to be carolingful about russian disinformation.
3:27 am
between 2016, 2017, hillary clinton dossier paying for it and that became the basis of a "new york times" pulitzer prize. >> separate fbi investigation based on completely different evidence. >> no, no. george. look, operation crossfire hurricane was all about the potential infiltration of the trump campaign by the russians. the bailiffs of that was the dossier. and. >> going to say chris didn't plush the dossier. >> they didn't plush the dossier, ruth. what they did was aggressively pursue that and call as it if it was fact and with the hunter biden case. twitter took the "new york post" twitter account down because they reported on the hunter biden laptop which now turns out to be completely true. so let's just call what it is. >> no one reported on the dossier during the campaign. >> the "new york post" had it right and "the washington post" and the "new york times" had it wrong. >> lawrence: such a great point
3:28 am
when it came to the dossier at the didn't go through any of the guidelines. they got it wrong. hunter biden story catalog almost like a diary for hunter. all these videos of edge images and everything that you can clearly authentic very quickly. they decided that they were going to go through all these channels and they got it wrong. it's such a clear double standard. a lot of the american public -- i i have friends on the left that had no clue about this story. i think it would have impacted them if they would have knew that the president the united states may have been corrupted. >> ainsley: that poll they asked the democrats and they said the majority did not know about the story the headlines in the "the washington post" editorial board says the hunter biden story is an opportunity for a reckoning. they haven't been reporting it finally it's a story to them and so now they are going to report it that computer repair guy came out years ago. gave this information to the --
3:29 am
to our intel community. they looked through it. >> not only did the media cover it up but they didn't report it at all. and they censored anyone who did. >> steve: we still have lots more questions. and so much of this seems familiar because we have been talking about it for the last year and-year and four months? those facts haven't changed. what has happened now is the rest of the world is catching up to the story we have been telling you. and, you know, you know the story verbatim and now as we saw with that panel, it's like hey, that didn't happen. yeah, it did. >> ainsley: why do you think they want to cover it now? are they worried that republican does win in november and then there is a big investigation? >> steve: it's either because hunter biden is about to be indicted and they want to make sure that their history with the story is accurate. we were late to the party but we eventually got it right or they want to squeeze joe biden out eventually it will be revealed. you mean joe biden did get money? that might change everything. somebody else would have to run for president in 2024.
3:30 am
>> lawrence: the way the country is going right now there is enough to squeeze joe biden out all the failures right now. the press is trying to cover their own tails. >> steve: somebody might be trying to give him a push. you never know. >> lawrence: big show on tap. the state of arizona going after the white house as the biden moves to end the trump era border policy. suffering from a surge of illegal crossing. >> steve: angry parents calling out new york city mayor after he backtracks on unmasking kids. >> ainsley: dr. nicole saphier says he's not following the science, she who is a doctor, is going to join us next. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> ainsley: last night parents heck cling the new york city mayor eric adams demanding he unmask our kids after the mayor went back on his word to lift the mandate which forced children ages 2 to 4 to keep their faces covered. but does the science justify keeping restrictions on toddlers? let's ask our fox news medical contributor dr. nicole saphier. hey, dr. saphier. >> good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: good morning. you are a doctor. is he following the science?
3:35 am
>> doctor and mother of three. first of all, ainsley, covid-19 restrictions has the selfishness of the adults completely different neglect to our children. you saw eric adams dancing at the grammys and other things still claiming that our preschoolers need to be masked. history is going to reflect very poorly on some of these measures being done especially in terms of school measures, business measures and lockdowns as we know that they have had severe devastating consequences of them. and moving forward about masking our lowest risk population, our toddlers. remember, the united states is the only place in the world that is recommending face masks be worn by this young population. and the bottom line is, we have vaccines, boosters, high quality masks. it is time to release the burden of children having to protect others. in the beginning, we were saying for children to wear face masks not necessarily to protect them because we knew they were the least vulnerable but to decrease the sprevmentd now we know when
3:36 am
it comes to omicron and variant ba 2 the klaus masks being worn by preschoolers has no effect on reducing transmission. so we need to remove these masks have from children. it is not prableg for for them to wear k-9 5. it is time for us to move forward. high quality masks high risk but take off the masks for our young children. >> ainsley: 890 daily averages of people affected. children in these age group over the last 28 days. but recently over the last seven days 1254. when you talk to these teachers, i'm sure your teachers are saying the same thing, all of our children are mind. so you have to weigh out all the factors exdon't you? >> absolutely. we know that wearing face masks affects their learning their development and speech. risk vs. benefit. and i can tell you there is no proven benefit of these young
3:37 am
children wearing these masks. yes, we will see uptick of cases. covid is now having a receivable variation just like we see when the flu during certain times of year we see a rise in case. we want to make sure people who are more vulnerable will actually start heeding the advice of the authorities when there is a rise in cases but by continuing to mask young children when we know that is no proven benefit and really only harm at this point, going to start having more people ♪ listen because we have such a distrust in public health authorities at this time. we have to fault science. and masking 2 to 4-year-olds is not following the science. >> ainsley: they are learning so much at this age and they need to be able to see their teachers mouths and the teachers need to see them. >> absolutely. >> ainsley: thank you so much dr. saphier for coming on. >> thanks, ainsley. >> ainsley: coming up the white house claims president biden has solved the job crisis. dots administration need a reality check. two energy groups have a no nonsense message for the president and are getting the word out with this new ad
3:38 am
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♪ >> the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? [laughter] >> that is hilarious. >> we have to increase supply. >> steve: okay, the american energy alliance has launched a 5-figure ad campaign against the biden administration's dismissal record on oil and gas. it comes as the president of the western energy alliance will testify against the white house's inflation blame game before congress tomorrow. but our next guest says he can prove joe biden is really at fault. former cke restaurant ceo andy buzzner joins you live in the studio. >> good to see you. >> start by putting up a fox joebiden's administration
3:43 am
responsible for gas prices about 70% say yes, he is when you look at the inflation spike that we have seen over the last number of months ideal low line goes straight up. that's the 1-2 punch, isn't it? >> it absolutely is this chart you are showing is comparison to european countries the oecd countries. inflation we were hanging in with them right along the pandemic and then the president and the democrats passed that $1.9 trillion american rescue plan last march and you can literally see on the chart when they passed it. because that's when inflation shoots unjust as larry summers, jason fuhrman other economists on the left warned what would happen. it's not like they were warned. they were told. at the may not have known but at least they were told. >> steve: the administration were told that's the vladimir
3:44 am
putin price hike. you filled up your truck before you came to new york city. >> yes. >> steve: how much did it cost you? >> it was a little under half full it cost me over 100 to do so fill it up. >> steve: half a tank. >> for half a tank. before the pandemic and even during the pandemic. i could fill the tank up for under $100. so this -- if i'm noticing, at my age, what do i care what gas costs? if i'm noticing, you can imagine how working and middle class americans struggling right now are feeling about this. by the way, the charts you just had up ended before putin invaded ukraine. so that whole jump up, you saw in inflation was before the invasion. >> steve: so the energy producers are going to be talking up on capitol hill. and essentially they are going to say hey, look, every time the white house opens their mouth they say hey there are # thousand open lies and if the oil producers wanted to produce more oil, they would use those. but that is, you know, that's a flat out not accurate because there are a have a right of
3:45 am
reasons why they are not punching holes in the ground. >> 5,000 permits out there that they are waiting to get approved. even if you have a lease, you can't drive without a permit. john kerry is discouraging banks to lend oil producers. you can't get the money if you are independent to drill. then they try to screw up the infrastructure. they won't approve pipelines and et cetera to get the oil to market. it's a concerted effort to stop oil production, you know, to hobble that industry at the same time you are blame iting that industry for more production incredible hypocrisy. it's a good thing that the western energy alliance and american energy alliance are getting involved. the public needs to know what's happening. >> steve: the public feels it when they go to gas up and go to the grocery store. at inflation stays at this rate and there is a good possibility it will through the balance of the year and gas is high. can joe biden get reelected? >> no, every time you go to the gas pump, you are reminded what happened. it wasn't that long ago. you know, if we had president trump's energy policies now.
3:46 am
you could see gas -- you could see the price of oil go down $20 a barrel tomorrow. because oil is affected by anticipated supply as much as it is by actual supply. so all the president has to do is go out there and say, look, we are going to drill and approve these permits. we want funding for companies that want to drill. we will put in pipelines, energy prices would drop. the price at the pump would drop. if that doesn't happen, there is only one person can you blame and that's joe biden. >> steve: all right. andy, thank you very much for filling up the truck and coming to new york city. >> my pleasure to be here. good to be here after the pandemic. >> steve: no kidding. good to have people live in the studio. janice dean our senior meteorologist though is not in the studio. we sent her out on the street where it's a little chilly today. >> it is a little chilly. i'm not going to lie this week colder than average across the northeast. we are going to see some rain. i know. let's take a look at it across portions of the southeast that's where we will see the potential for stronger storms there are your temperatures for the northeast. so i'm sorry. it's not going to get much
3:47 am
better this week. it's not going to feel like springtime and we got actually s across the great lakes for the interior northeast. but we are watching the south because, yes, another round of severe storms including hail, damaging winds and tornadoes from texas through mississippi and alabama over the next couple of days, louisiana, you are in that bulls eye as well. strong winds. large hail. and tornadoes. so it's going to be a multiple day event of strong to severe weather. that's tuesday across the mississippi river valley in towards the southeast, the deep south and then that expands towards the mid-atlantic on wednesday and thursday getting some of that in the northeast. also going to get rain early this week across the northeast. heavy rainfall for the south and that means flash flooding is the possibility and there's your forecast. so warm temperatures across the south and cool average for the northern tier of the country. not so bad right now. cloudy with a chance of jack hammers. [laughter] >> steve: april showers bring may flowers.
3:48 am
>> janice: that's true. that's good and construction. >> steve: indeed here in new york city. all right, j.d., thank you. >> janice: you got it. >> steve: coming up on this monday a staffer of lori lightfoot is carjacked on his way to work. what the democratic leader blames for the crime surge in her city coming up. plus, first, shareholders of disney adding to outrage over the company's woke ways. their message to the house of mouse coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪
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♪ >> lawrence: more fallout over the woke world of disney and fight to repeal florida's parental rights bill. one shareholder speaking out quote suggestion for ceo bob chapek get back to business of story telling and stop wasting shareholder money on political crusade that have nothing to do with disney's business. radio talk show host make schrader is here to react. did that shareholder get to the
3:53 am
bottom of it? >> they got a long way to go. robert rule of conquest any organization that is not explicitly right wing about eventually become left wing. i never thought i would see the day this is true for beloved disney the beloved cultural icon. the problem with this is not a small group of fringe outsider activist from the outside telling disney to have gay story line these are people activists who have infiltrated disney higher ups inside of disney content production who believe this and drive disney into the ground. they will to the stop because it is a beloved cultural icon that brings unity and these progressives can't have unity so they must destroy it. i think of walt spinning in his grave at r. at what is happening right now. walt disney used to have a role that disney employees couldn't even have facial hair. now at point the next disney princess is going to have hair
3:54 am
because we have to have trans princess. it's madness. i don't see them being able to fix it any time soon. >> lawrence: it looks like i wouldn't be hired. >> you might be. lawrence, you would make an amazing disney princess in the new walt disney. >> lawrence: i don't think my pops would be happy did that. >> that's true. >> lawrence: netflix is backing away from fast and loose and bad boys 4 also put on hold as the actor luxury retreat for soul searching and denzel opened up about counseling will. looks like he is in the process of losing a lot right now. >> yeah, yeah. he will be fine. he will go on retreat and come back in a couple months and go on open oprah and cry together i'm so sorry i know what it is like to be a man. here is the whole lesson fame and fortune will not bring you happiness.
3:55 am
it will not make you a content man. and everyone knows now he is in an open marriage. i don't care how much money you have if your wife is sleeping around with other men openly no way to rest your head on the pillow to be happy and don't. when people are envious of celebrities and the rich and famous, just know you have to take the whole package. if you want his houses, and all of his fame and fortune, you also have to take the open marriage and all the other terrible things that come with all this stuff. it is not worth it. quick story, bill gates, richest man in the world two years ago with his wife he bought a $48 million mansion on the beach right here in san diego where i live. immediately tore it down and started rebuilding. it's almost done now. now is he divorced and all alone. $48 million house on the beach by himself. that to me is miserable. i would rather live in a shack with my loving wife and family than live the life of bill gaetz. will smith if you are in a happy marriage he would want to trade lives with you. that's the truth of it all.
3:56 am
>> lawrence: we should cut that and put it everywhere. that's the best take on this controversy that we have heard yet. mane cannot buy happiness only fake more so long and will just reached his breaking tonight. thanks for coming on the show, brother. >> you are the man. appreciate you, brother. >> lawrence: she is back. hillary clinton giving advice to democrats. what she says they should be doing to connect with voters. she lost, didn't she? ♪ let's go on the open road with a safe stay! now get double best western rewards points on every stay. and with rewards points that never expire, you get free nights fast! book now at
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that seems to be universal. i can make this work. i can make this work. no wonder more than 9 out of 10 clients are likely to recommend us. because advice worth listening to is advice worth talking about. ameriprise financial. >> got america back to work. >> white house claiming economic says. >> solved the job crisis. >> imagine the middle class americans struggling feeling about this. >> hillary clinton says the democrats' biggest problem is the messaging. >> president biden is doing a very good job. i'm not quite sure what the disconnect is. >> why is hillary clinton back out in front? perhaps she thinks she could take his spot. [explosion] >> outrage is just mounting over the horrific images that have been emerging. >> bodies of men, women, children, lying in the streets. >> this is genocide. >> the biden administration
4:01 am
confirmed it is revoking title 42. >> we are going to see a human tidal wave across this border. >> the grammy for best album. >> starting over chris stapleton ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: chris stapleton, you love chris stapleton, yes. beautiful song here. lawrence is here filling in for brian. >> ainsley: he says he lost his music. >> is he great our executive producer tammy has agreed next time he is in be my date. >> lawrence: to identify get it approved. >> steve: why tonight we have him be part of the summer
4:02 am
concert series in fox coming up. >> ainsley: wonderful. >> steve: chris, if you are watching, call a.j. all right? a.a.a. tell fox and ask for a.j. that's how it works. thanks for being here today. >> lawrence: thanks for having me. >> ainsley: great vo this weekend. >> lawrence: had to multitask between my show and favorite duke who got defeated coach k's final game. >> ainsley: you are watching, right? steve: hello tonight at the:20 kansas jayhawks they are favored to win tonight. >> ainsley: who is he really pulling for. >> steve: because my son peter and my daughter mary both went to villanova. mary went to law school there they squared off against my kansas jayhawks saturday night. >> ainsley: y'all were watching it together? >> steve: here's the problem. we were down in florida and at a place where they had satellite television there was a huge thunderstorm.
4:03 am
the tv kept going out. lawrence that's the worse when that happens. my baby brother plays football for kansas so i support them. >> steve: game of the week. >> ainsley: tonight unc vs. kansas. >> lawrence: two great. >> steve: going to be on a little past our bedtime but we will have highlights tomorrow. meantime speaking of the big show hour two starting right now with this president biden is claiming economic success even as americans struggle to pay for that tank of gas or that batch of groceries. >> ainsley: yeah. the president will also speak later today about success with his trucking action plan as supply chain issues still continue. >> lawrence: mark meredith joins us from the white house. what do you think they are going to say? >> i think they have a lot to say. good morning to you as well as steve and ainsley. the economy is on the move but critics believe it's moving in the wrong direction. today the president will talking
4:04 am
been supply chains and efforts to strengthen just that however, there are two few workers out there which may make it harder. axios summing it up over the weekend where things stand saying the president campaigned on creating millions of different jobs but that a as of right now there are simply not enough workers to do it. the white house still believes there is success here though pointing to the latest jobs report showing unemployment at 3.6%. >> fewer people requiring unemployment assistance today than we did any time since 1970. so, we solved the jobs crisis. we have got america back to work. >> but higher gas prices heading to work can cost a whole lot more. the white house believes it is working to ease the oil supply shortage and including the decision last week by the president to release a million barrels a day from the strategic petroleum reserve. but some industry insiders believe this will be too little too late. >> none of these things that they're talking about are going to help us when we go and fill our tanks at the pump.
4:05 am
it's just going to continue to get worse. unless they actually do things instead of talking about them. >> within the last few weeks we have seen some changes. the national average gallon of gas down from record highs 4.18 a gallon as average. of course a lot of people say that is simply too much money to spend at the gas pump. while this workweek is just getting started. one event on your calendars for tomorrow. former president barack obama making first return to the white house since leaving office in january of 2017. he will be joining president biden in an event celebrating the success of obamacare. steve, ainsley and lawrence, back to you guys. >> steve: mark, why would barack obama be coming back tomorrow? you know, the obamacare passed 12 years ago so it wouldn't be like 10 years ago. obviously if you had to do the math, you would probably think barack obama is still very popular in the democratic. joe biden and kamala harris not so much so, let's bring him in.
4:06 am
>> ainsley: poll numbers up. >> steve: come in and say these guys are doing a great job. >> what we will hear tomorrow is how this administration wants to build on the previous obama biden administration with healthcare. you bring up an interesting point that of course is going into the midterms. we see the former president back out on the stump like what we saw in the run-up to 2020. i think the answer is simply yes, like you said, while the administration faces some pretty poor poll numbers here i imagine the former president with do well in terms of raising money and getting people out to the pollings. >> ainsley: i know you will be reporting on that throughout the day and watching the game tonight. team are the champions. >> steve: mark who is your team. >> unc i'm a southerner. >> steve: i'm sorry, we are out of time. thank you very much, mark. >> i will pack up now. >> ainsley: i'm with you. we got to support the southern teams. >> lawrence: thanks, mark.
4:07 am
interesting even now as joe biden is the president, the commander-in-chief, he is still riding the coat tail of barack obama. and it just shows you how much trouble that he is in right now with inflation, with economy, with the supply chain, when it comes to crime. the border, everything is hitting him all at once. >> steve: that is why the administration is desperately trying to say hey, the reason did you go and fill up your car and it's over 100 bucks is because of vladimir putin. we had a fox news poll when we introduced andy puzder about 20 minutes ago we had a fox news poll that sewed about 70% of the country blames joe biden they are not buying that putin spin. here is andy talking about how come november, if there is high inflation, and high gas prices, there is just one person to blame. here is andy. >> every time you go to the gas pump, you are reminded what happened. and it wasn't that long ago, you know, if we have president
4:08 am
trump's energy policies now, you could see gas -- you could see the price of oil go down $20 a barrel tomorrow. it's not like they didn't know this was going to happen they were told. all the president has to do is go out there and say we are going to drill. we are going to approve these permits funding for companies that want to drill. put in pipelines, energy prices would drop. price at the pump would drop. if that doesn't happen and there is only one person to blame and that's joe biden. >> that's the poll you were talking about. is biden administration's responsible for gas prices 68% say yes. 31% say no. gas prices were down when he took office. then he signs the bill, says no more pipeline. >> steve: i did that. >> ainsley: this is on so many gas stations everywhere around the country. and now we go to the so expensive. who are you going to blame in blame him in russian invasion going on five weeks now, six weeks max? >> steve: 40 days. brains. >> ainsley: gas prices going up
4:09 am
and ticking up since he took office. >> lawrence: i moved back from texas typically 100 bucks to fill up. average day americans cannot afford that it's just nonsense. hillary clinton said joe biden is doing a good job though. it's just the messaging and there is a disconnect with the american people. look at hillary clinton. >> from my perspective, president biden is doing a very good job. i think that his handling of ukraine passing the american rescue package is huge infrastructure package. i'm not quite sure what the disconnect is between the accomplishments of the administration and this congress. i have always thought that the best politics is doing the best job you can do and there is a lot that democrats can talk about in this upcoming midterms. >> ainsley: she goes on to say that americans do not want a republican controlled government. that's not what the polls show. this is an nbc poll that says most americans want a republican controlled congress. 46% say they hope republicans win.
4:10 am
44% say they hope democrats win. now, granted, that's a modest lead. but, still, more people are in favor of republicans winning. >> steve: i wonder if they asked her about financing that russian does yancht probably not. shows you that the democratic party is married to their ideology. not willing to pivot. if they took control right now, and went to a more of a moderate approach, and he was moderate joe, then they can recover. but andy made an interesting point. they knew this was going to happen. and they still continue to make these policy changes that are so progressive married to their ideology. >> ainsley: problem is so much infighting between the party between the progressives and moderates. if they want to get the votes of the independents, they have to be more moderate. if they want to get the vote of the republicans, if donald trump runs again, then they are going to have to appeal to those moderates. but they are not. gas prices are going up. because they're appealing, trying to please these
4:11 am
progressives. >> steve: the progressives want gas to be $25 a gallon so you don't drive that car that cost 100 bucks to fill up. and instead you buy some car that cost $70,000 that you plug into the side of your house. that way you will save $80 a month. but it's going to cost you # 60 or $70,000 to buy the car to do it. that's what they want. they don't want any fossil fuel produced here in the united states. they want to use the sun or the wind. which would be great if it. >> ainsley: let's say you are an independent. when you hear her say and you haven't made up your mind yet about which party you are going to vote for and hear her say the problem is messaging you say she is so out of touch. the problem ♪ messaging. the problem is record high gas prices. 40 year highest inflation 40 years. food prices are gone up. you saw the withdrawal in afghanistan. you see what's happening in ukraine. and we aren't -- our hands are tied there in many ways. buff we need to send them more weapons and help them. we have an open border. crime is through the roof right
4:12 am
now in all of our cities. and then some of the democrats are saying defund police. >> steve: and she says the average american doesn't want the republicans to run the government. what average american is she talking to? that's what i want to know. in the meantime 7:12 here in the east. international outrage is mounting. emerging from ukraine. >> lawrence: unbelievable. images show hundreds of innocent civilians massacred in areas outside of kyiv. griff jenkins is in lviv about 300 miles west of kyiv. griff, what can you tell us? >> well, good morning, lawrence, steve and ainsley. steve, you mentioned international outrage just moments ago the u.n.'s high commissioner for human rights michelle releasing a statement out of geneva saying she is, quote, horrified by these images coming out of town of bucha near the capital of kyiv adding that it raises serious questions of whether war crimes have been committed. these images that we are going to show you are disturbing. and they are hard to look at. but, they need to be seen by the
4:13 am
world. so we will show them to you as best we can. this is the aftermath of the russian troops withdrawal around the capital. you see bodies of men, women, and children and the elderly left in the streets. and these were not soldiers. these were innocent civilians. some of them had their hands tied behind their backs. president zelenskyy condemning this in the strongest way possible. watch. >> indeed. this is gyp side. the elimination of the whole nation and the people, we are the citizens of ukraine. we r. have more than 100 nationalities. this is about destruction and it extermination of all these nationalities. >> griff: this as brand new satellite image you see here shows 45 long mass grave in bucha. a local resident describing what he saw. >> those people who are just
4:14 am
walking and they shot them without any reason. in the next neighbor they contact it was even worse. they would shoot without asking any questions. >> human rights watch report shows that cases of repeated rape may have occurred as well as summary execution in bucha as well as other parts of ukraine. in a moment last night, guys, at the grammys, president zelenskyy appeared calling for the musicians to fill the silence with their music saying that our soldiers wear bullet proof vests. >> we have powerful moment along with john legend performing with ukrainian musicians. really going through that venue of music to reap the world as wd as we all try to process as the war is in 40th day. steve, lawrence, ainsley?
4:15 am
>> ainsley: our musicians wear body armor instead of tuxedos for us to remember them and send any aid that we can the images are just horrific. steve: 7:15 now and ashley joins us. >> ashley: good monday morning. jury selection begins today in the sentencing phase of the trial against the hart land school shooter nikolas cruz. 17 more counts of attempted murder in october. he is charged with the mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in february of 2018. is he facing the death penalty or life in prison. an out-of-control spring breakers in miami beach have prompted officials to issue strict curfews but business owners say that hurts their bottom line and their reputation. listen. >> it has a big economic impact and image. to say love everyone together and hurt everyone's businesses is not right. >> ashley: the city of miami beach declared a state of
4:16 am
emergency in march after two shootings happened over the course of 48 hours. a new survey reveals more than 1/3 of americans will not spend their tax refund. jackson hewitt plan to spend any tax money they get right away. another 22% say it will be tapped out within 3 to 6 months. 46% say an extra -- any extra cash from the irrelevancy will actually go straight to bills and essentials. those are your headlines, guys, bark to you. >> ainsley: people are hurting they need to pay for gas, fill up their 100 bucks. >> ashley: just buy an electric car. i'm kidding, i'm kidding. >> steve: have to take out a loan for that too. >> ainsley: i was going to say that tax refund won't go that far. >> steve: for 25 years "fox & friends" has been a morning show but every once in a while we are on saturday night. watch this.
4:17 am
>> good morning, welcome to "fox & friends." that's brian kilmeade. >> hello. >> the ainsley earhardt. >> okay y'all are going to kill me with these jokes. >> i'm steve doocy here on this gorgeous 30 degrees spring new york morning. what a hell hole of a city. brian, how was the weekend? >> ainsley: couch kind of got that right. ains apes i never thought in my growing up did you ever think like growing up as a little girl you just wanted to live in new york and be on the morning show. never thought we would kick off "saturday night live." >> steve: at the end of it we say live from new york. >> ainsley: it's saturday night. >> steve: but it's "fox & friends." >> lawrence: i think it's quite flattering. y'all made it. >> ainsley: they did say ainsley earnhardt. my brother was over there snl. they mispronounced my last name too. my brother just wanted to scream out and say it's earhardt.
4:18 am
my mom's name is dale earhardt. and one time she was on jury duty and they mispronounced her name dale earnhardt and everyone said where, where. the famous race car driver. >> steve: my daughter mary and i went to the premier of anchorman 2 a couple years ago. >> ainsley: such a funny movie. >> steve: we were there we were circulating. we were talking to paul rudd because he is also from university. mary goes dad, there you are. i said what are you talking about? there is the guy who plays you on "saturday night live" i said are you sure? and she said yes. we went up and when the guy saw me i think he thought i was steamed. i said i want to shake your hand fake doocy they had a guy 30 years old playing me which to a guy at my advanced age. >> lawrence: in your season. >> steve: it was great. live in new york it's back to "fox & friends" now. all right, ainsley, what's coming up.
4:19 am
>> ainsley: schools across the country a&e larging number of students liberal leaders who shut down schools to blame? a mom of 9 rachel campos-duffy our weekend co-host is going to come on and talk to us about this. >> too many young people in this room who do not feel loved. too many. and we have got change that around. if we're going to change around the trajectory of their lives. >> brian: chicago mayor lori lightfoot surprising remarks about criminals after her own staffer is carjacked. a change in tone. that's next on "fox & friends." ♪ all you need is love ♪ ♪ we could walk forever ♪ ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪
4:20 am
♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪
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4:24 am
>> lawrence: the head of the chicago film office icu after being attacked by gang members who stole his car. lori lightfoot appointee revealing he was beaten by three kids juvenile suspects committing more than half of all carjackings in chicago. if you ask mayor lightfoot, here's what she says is the problem. watch. >> for too many young people in this room who do not feel loved. too many. and we have got to change that around if we're going to change around the trajectory of their lives. here to react is anthony napolitano. what's your quick reaction to what the mayor has to say. >> i don't think these are unloved children. i think they are unprosecuted children and unfortunate thing. there are zero parental guidance i will give her that. they are not charged. they are not put in prison anymore we will not have that
4:25 am
moment with the kids say it's not their fault. robbing them at gunpoint and beating them within a moment of their lives. it's not the non-love factor it's the non-prosecution factor. these kidsed know we are getting away with crime every day. >> lawrence: my first job was working in juvenile court. although we have compassion for young people there has to be consequences or there won't be a turning point for young people, right? >> i absolutely agree. like i said before when i was on the show. if you tell them the oven is hot and burn their hand they will not touch that oven again. same time with crime in the city. emptied out half of our jail testimony system. let them know there is crime and punishment. >> lawrence: before you became a politician, sir, you were an officer there has been 101 police officers is that have been shot in the line of duty so far. that's a 43% increase from 2021. what is going on? >> you know what?
4:26 am
it's like we are the land of the lost here. it's, you know, crime has taken over. people aren't afraid of the police anymore. you know, they vilified them. politician have vilified the police. you have defund the police movement. no one wants to be the police anymore. it's a lawless land right now. we retired over 660 officers last year. we have done 220 this year. i'm coming up 23 years it would be with the police department. i had five friends retire just last week alone that's only 23 years. they are done. it's unsafe out there. there is no backing from our city. there is no backing from our administration. we need to start putting these children and criminals in their place. if we don't do it, i always say it when i'm here, we are going to lose chicago. it's happening at a quick pace. >> lawrence: you know, anthony, this is not isolated either. it's not just chicago where cops are being targeted. it's all across the country. they can't get the police academy. what do you think it's going to take to turn this around? >> you have to get more
4:27 am
politicians. you have to get more of the federal government behind these police officers. you have to let them know that what they are doing out there is i always say in a crazy way is the lordens work. they are putting their lives on the line to fight crime every day in day in and day out. they have to know when they're going out they are doing this job that someone is going to back them. when they don't -- when they are not backed up, they are just just a little bit less work they are in fear they are going to lose their house and life and go to prison for frivolous cases. right now in chicago they call it the chicago lottery. every time a cop does something, someone sues the city of chicago and makes millions of dollars. the city doesn't prosecute anybody. they just settle the cases. cop have got their backs against the wall. we have to start supporting our police officers and know it's time to take back the city. >> lawrence: as a result, the people of chicago are less safe. anthony, thanks so much for your service as well, sir. >> thanks for having me. >> lawrence: you got it still ahead as border towns brace for influx of illegal immigrants.
4:28 am
the state of arizona is taking legal action to hold the biden administration accountable. arizona attorney general mark brnovich joins us on. that was that's next on "fox & friends." ♪ >> tech: cracked windshield? make it easy and schedule with safelite, because you can track us and see exactly when we'll be there. >> woman: i have a few more minutes. let's go! >> tech vo: that's service that fits your schedule. go to >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ for investors who can navigate this landscape, leveraging gold, a strategic and sustainable asset... the path is gilded with the potential for rich returns.
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4:32 am
>> ainsley: 1,100 percent that is the current increase in border encounters in one arizona sector sources telling fox news those encounters could be even higher. the astonishing surge coming as the biden administration prepares to end major border policy title 42. but our next guest has a plan to stop the white house in its tracks. arizona's attorney general and u.s. senate candidate mark brnovich joins us now. good morning, mark. >> thanks for having me on. >> i know you wanted to come on this morning to announce your plan. what is your plan to stop this from happening? >> we just filed a lawsuit against the biden administration. we know their attempt to rescind title 42 will lead to drastic consequences on our southern border. right now essentially on fire
4:33 am
this will be like throwing gasoline on the fire. we want to stop the biden administration from rescinding title 42. because it may be one of the most bone headed decisions of this administration. and they have done a lot of dumb things. >> ainsley: you will have to find a federal judge who agrees with you. >> yes. >> ainsley: i'm sure the white house will appeal. what are the chances you will be successful? >> well, i just argued just a little over a month ago against the biden administration in court when they resinded the public charge rule. i'm confident in that case and i'm confident we will win this case. literally if the biden administration rescinds this policy. it will result in more than half a million people it's estimated to illegally cross our border in just one month. that's like the entire population of baltimore, atlanta, georgia. the system is already being overwhelmed. the cartels have seized control of the border. we see a record amount of fentanyl coming into this country. now you are going to throw on top of that hundreds of thousands of people. millions of people just stretching thin our social and safety network and endangering our community. ainsley, i'm doing everything i
4:34 am
can to hold the biden administration accountable and stop them from destroying our southern border. >> ainsley: you know, what infuriates people is this was put in to place because of covid-19. and now you are seeing this is listed for illegal immigrants yet, we still have school kids ages 2 to 4 that have to still wear mask in new york city. >> yeah. the fecklessness and the hypocrisy of the biden administration and the progressive left has been on full display curing these covid lock junes where we have seen an attempt to centralize power in washington, d.c. and undermine the rights of individuals. and when you look at what is going on on our southern border. that's where the government has apex of its power. they have a constitutional authority. they have a statutory authority to protected us. and they are not doing it so, whether it's releasing criminals into our community, whether it's not deporting people, deportation orders. whether it's a failure to build the wall. we have filed lawsuits on all of those. and we have been successful. and now, rescinding title 42.
4:35 am
one of the last tools left in the toolbox that hasn't even overwhelmed us even more is just so irresponsible and reckless. and more americans are going to die and more taxpayers are going to have to pay for, you know, everything from healthcare to education benefits. welfare benefits as the system gets year whelmed. and so as our country struggles with a lot of middle class people like myself and our family, struggled to pay for groceries to pay for gas. we have to sit there and ask ourselves what is the biden administration doing because they are truly undermining and destroying this country. >> ainsley: mr. attorney general, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome. coming up: she's back. hillary clinton telling democrats to change their messaging ahead of the midterms. former speaker of the house newt gingrich reacts to the advice from the twice-failed presidential candidate. ♪ ♪
4:36 am
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attend all treatment appointments. every other month and i'm good to go. ask your doctor about every-other-month cabenuva. i always thought the west politics is doing the best job you can do. there is a lot democrats can talk about in upcoming midterms. i'm well aware that midterms are obviously always difficult for the party in power. but we have got a great story to tell. and we need to get out there and do a better job of telling it. >> steve: what great story? just asking for a friend. with midterms just months away. hillary clinton is sharing advice on democrats messaging as polls republicans are edging ahead of democrats on who voters want in charge of congress as you can see right there an nbc poll from a couple weeks ago. fox news contributor and former speaker of the house newt gingrich is here to being are a. newt, good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you?
4:41 am
>> steve: i'm doing okay. i'm wondering what hillary clinton is talking about. she says the democrats have a great story. i filled up half a tank of gas yesterday and it was $65. i don't know what good story she is talking about. >> well, you know, if you only spent $80,000 for electric car you would be saving some money on gasoline. >> steve: why didn't i think of that? >> yeah. look, the democrats have a huge problem. almost every one of their policies is unpopular. and the ones that aren't unpopular are failing. so, they don't want to admit they got to change policies because that will make their left unhappy. it's a messaging problem and i can't convince that you it's great that the price of food is going up. the price of gasoline is going up. that the president looks weak and silly overseas that the vice president may be the dumbest person ever elected to that office. that focusing the border patrol and learning the correct pronouns which is one of the most recent efforts rather than
4:42 am
stopping illegal immigration is it is somehow a clever idea. go down the list. they can't give up of any of these, things. they can't come out and say we oil and gas. they continue to contact the oil and gas industry and they are shocked that the price of oil goes up. now, i think this administration may be more out of touch with reality than any administration in modern history. >> steve: her husband who was elected president unlike her. she lost twice. is he, bill clinton, worked with you when you were speaker of the house and you got some stuff done. according to her, the average american -- i don't know which average american she is talking to, but the average american does not want a republican-led government. what do you say to that? >> well, there is a brand new poll out in britain that the democracy institute released that shows that 52% of americans think it would be better to have
4:43 am
biden lead than putin. 43% getting putin out. that's a new poll it's in a british newspaper who do you think will be better for america's future get rid of putin or get rid of biden 52 to 43 they picked getting rid of biden over getting rid of putin that gives you some hint that maybe the biden administration is not convincing people it's doing a good job. by the way, remember, bill clinton had to fight the left. bill clinton had to sign relevant fair reform. he had to sign the biggest capital gains cut in history. he had to sign four consecutive balanced budgets. the way he survived is he said oh, the american people don't wanted this left wing stuff. i'm with the american people, and that's part of why the left has always hated him. because they saw him as having sold them out rather than fought for them. i think biden is trapped because he doesn't want his allies on the left mad at him and the rest
4:44 am
of the country thinks his allies are nuts. >> steve: well, there you go. newt, thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> good talking to you. take care. >> steve: good talking to you as well. it is 17 minutes before the top of the hour and ashley has some headlines. >> ashley: it's a tragic update on missing florida mom. police confirming kathy carley was found dead in a shallow grave in alabama on saturday. carley first was reported missing a week ago. her ex-boyfriend marcus was arrested the same day on several charges, including tampering with evidence and giving false information on a missing person. is he not yet charged with her murder. an autopsy is scheduled for today. america's crime crisis becoming reality for a real housewife. jennifer aden sharing this video of her husband's father arery ferrari lastnight. she stars on real housewives. children and mother were home during the brazen death. her family is safe but asking
4:45 am
anyone with information to come forward. a man in germany has gotten up to 90 covid vaccines and his trying to corner the market on fake cards since the country demands evenings to participate in every day activity. he was caught after visiting the same vaccination site two days in a row. it's not immediately clear if the shots had any impact on his health. i'm curious to know that one for sure. those are your headlines. back to you, steve. >> steve: 90 shots. two shots and 86 boosters? >> ashley: they need to do research on him to see what happens. >> steve: ashley, thank you very much. hit the streets. janice dean out in new york city where it's a little chilly but at least it's sunny. >> janice: it's sunny but we love it cold across the northeast this week. take a look at it couple of storm systems going to come visit us. 41 in new york. 44 in chicago. much colder air across the northern tier of the country.
4:46 am
that's where we are going to see some snow today and the next few days as we have a couple of systems that are going to visit us across the mid-atlantic and northeast on wednesday. and then one behind it so very active weather pattern here. the chance of severe storms for texas through louisiana and mississippi today, we could see hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. that tuesday spreads across the deep south in towards the southeast. and then on wednesday. even wider for parts of the ohio and the tennessee river valley and then up towards, again, parts of the mid-atlantic and the northeast wednesday and thursday. so, bottom line is we have been very active in terms of severe weather. not only the tornado threat but heavy rainfall could cause flash flooding through the next couple of days. on the cold side of that storm feet of snow. so the bottom line it's very active. have a way to know where your watches and warnings are going to be. fox is the best way. you can download it on your app. and even program it for future events. that's what we love about it our futurecast. steve, back to you.
4:47 am
>> steve: thank you very much. j.d. still ahead on this monday, chris christie calling out the media for failing to cover the hunter biden scandal. >> enacts we know now are the "new york post" had it right during the campaign last year and the other media outlets had it wrong. >> steve: yes, indeed. congressman byron donalds wants to hold the biden family accountable for corruption. hear from him coming up. public schools reporting a massive surge in absenteeism. could the impact be to blame. we will talk to mother of nine rachel campos-duffy coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪
4:48 am
♪ ♪ voltaren. the joy of movement.
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♪ >> lawrence: so the numbers are shocking. schools across the country reporting an alarming rise of absent students. steve the nation's largest public school district in new york city and los angeles report more than 40% of students are not showing up to class as the problem plagues schools all across the country as well. >> ainsley: "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy is here to react. that's a big number, rachel. why 40%? >> rachel: that's huge. look at new york city 40%.
4:52 am
375,000 have chronic absenteeism. first, let's -- new york city. let's put that aside. there is a crisis in education. and the teachers and the school districts have gotten away from their core mission of educating students. >> they were concentrating over the last two years on getting joe biden elected. they wanted to make sure that there were, you know, gender theories and all kinds of crt things in our school and they're not focusing on our children. and this is a massive failure. and i think we are going to see more and more fallout. things like this that come out of this giant social experiment that we basically impose on our children over this covid pandemic. there is no other -- europe had their children in school. kids with money, whose parents had the resources put their kids in private school. private schools were open the
4:53 am
whole time. this is a public school. generally from a blue city problem for the most part. they ought to be held accountable. principals in the school complaining that the school district in new york city is asking them to cook the books to say well, if we called the parents,. >> steve: right. >> cooking the numbers to make them look not so bad. i don't think it's a coincidence. lawrence, you have been covering this a lot which is the crime in new york city. it's not a coincidence when you have 375,000 kids who should be in school and the crime rate is up, too. you know, this is a huge massive problem. >> steve: rachel, the "new york post" says that that number, as big as it is, is likely an undercount because students with covid or quarantined could be marked present if they log an online or had some kind of contact with the teacher. it could be 50% don't go to school it could be 60%. that would be bad for the teacher union.
4:54 am
ultimately it's like why are we spending all that money on the schools if only half the kids are going? >> remember, these school districts are flush with cash. they held us hostage. for us to continue educating your kids during the pandemic. you have to give us all of this money. i want my money back. where did all this money go? these children are not in school. and, by the way, they made it so miserable once they did open their doors, they masked them. they didn't bring back their extracurricular activities in new york city and made them eat lunch outside in the cold. they couldn't talk to their friends in some schools. you couldn't even -- because they were afraid of, you know, covid spreading. they injected all this fear. they made the educational experience so miserable for children. these numbers are not surprising at all. i will tell you this: 70% of the students in new york city are black or hispanic. you talk about systemic racism. if you don't learn how to read, write and do math, you are going
4:55 am
to be sentenced to a lifetime of low wages. and then what do the democrats do? they create the problem and then they go oh, we have got the solution. we are going to put in equity programs to compensate and make sure that you get promoted even though you don't know how to read and write or go to work. this is an absolute failure and i hope that the people in new york city get their act together. i don't think this mayor or this school district are doing what they ought to do. >> lawrence: such an excellent point. you alluded to crime earlier. if these kids aren't in school, where are they? >> rachel: what are they doing? robbing stores, carjacking. but, also, not learning. not learning how to go to school. not learning that discipline, not learning thousand read and write. we are literally sentencing them to a cycle of poverty. so the district is racist. this is a racist policy. >> ainsley: but the schools are still allowing them stay in school not getting expelled. >> steve: where is the truant
4:56 am
officer? >> ainsley: if you missed x amount of days you couldn't go back to school you were expelled and that numbers wouldn't reflect as high as 40% of kids not coming into class? >> rachel: i don't know how they are doing that but i will say that the principals inible of these school districts are complaining and saying that the teachers unions and the administrators are asking them to cook the books to make them not look so bad. so they are not getting to the root of the problem. >> steve: they are not cooking them enough because the numbers we are seeing are terrible. >> rachel: i imagine. >> steve: thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> ainsley: thanks, rachel. great to see you. >> steve: coming up. be prepared to pay more dough for your next slice of new york city pizza. how much more? thanks to inflation, pizza inflation numbers coming up straight ahead on "fox & friends" live from the big apple. ♪ ♪ at help unleash your energy. loaded with b vitamins... ...and other key essential nutrients...
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♪♪ men, you need to get off the couch and get with the program. visit to find your cfp® professional. with golo, i lost 50 pounds. it feels really good to be able to button your jacket and not worry about it blowing up. -(laughs) -go to to lose weight and get healthier.
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where do you find the perfect developer? well, we found her in prague between the ideal cup of coffee and a museum-quality chronology of the personal computer. ...but you can find her, and millions of other talented pros, right now on upwork. >> the economy on on the move. >> we solved the job crisis, critics believe it is moving in the wrong direction. >> middle-class americans are feeling about this. >> steve: outrage over horrifying images from ukraine. >> zelenskyy turns to hollywood. >> children have a dream of living free, like you on the
5:01 am
grand stage. >> president biden is doing a very good job. i'm not sure what the disconnect is. >> democrats may be more out of touch with reality than any administration in modern history. >> state of arizona is taking legal action. >> stop the biden administration from rescinding 42. >> national champion. ♪ >> you are looking at the super dole in new orleans, louisiana. then there were two, the final four coming to an end. >> south carolina won for the women. >> tonight is the big game for the men. duke is out, now you have kansas and unc.
5:02 am
>> steve: hold on. >> ainsley: do that line again, who is playing tonight? >> kansas versus north carolina. >> steve: who you going for? >> kansas, because my brother plays for them. >> coach k. >> i have to go for unc. peter went to undergrad at villanova. you went to kansas, but your montow villanova. >> steve: i hollered a big yeah, there i am right there wearing a hat. villanova dad. >> ainsley: is that in florida? >> in new jersey. >> ainsley: i knew you were in florida, i looked at that picture and thought, it didn't look like florida. >> steve: new jersey. every time there is a big three pointer, i let out a holler. >> you change hats back and
5:03 am
forth. >> ainsley: such a big game for his family. the satellite kept going in and out. >> steve: there was a big thunderstorm in florida over the weekend. here comes a big play. >> lawrence: i hate when that happen. the producers put the game up in the studio, i watched only during the commercial breaks, i promise. it was a nail biter. i'm in for brian today. steve and ainsley earhardt said i could join them. >> ainsley: you bring a special presence. >> lawrence: president biden is claiming american success as americans struggle to pay for everyday items including gas and food. >> steve: the president will speak about success with his trucking aksz plan as supply chain issues continue. they will claim victory today.
5:04 am
>> ainsley: yes, mark meridith is covering the white house today, watching the game tonight. pulling for unc. >> we have a newborn at home. >> ainsley: hold on, boy or girl? >> five month old boy. >> he is great, i love him, i haven't seen fun in a long time. >> steve: you will not be up at 9:20? >> i will be up, feeding. >> ainsley: you are a busy dad. >> celebrating the latest jobs report, unemployment rate is down. other issues are impacting the economy, including supply chain shortages, today the president is expected to focus on just that. axios had an interesting article summing up the economy, saying the president campaigned on millions of new jobs and right now companies are having trouble finding workers.
5:05 am
the white house says the admin stlagz is ready for a victory lap. >> fewer people require employment assistance today. we solved job crisis, got america back to work. >> for americans heading to work, one thing for sure, it will not be cheap to fill up the gas tank. national average is $4.18 a gallon. the white house insists they are working to bring prices down. >> none of the things are going to help us when we go fill our tanks at the pump, it will continue to get worse unless they actually do things instead of talking about them. >> the white house insists they are doing things like last week the president's decision that they will allow to be pulled from the petroleum reserve. we talked about this last hour, worth a mention, tomorrow former president obama will make his first return to the white house
5:06 am
since leaving office in january of 2017, he will be here for a obamacare event. back to you on this exciting basketball monday. >> steve: it is indeed. mark, they will have pete buttigieg in, secretary of transportation and have a victory lap over we fixed supply chain problem. i was at the grocery store yesterday, there are holes down every aisle, something missing, how can they say that? >> they pring up different efforts. with trucking, making it easier to get a commercial drivers license, that is one step they are making. in terms of supply chain shortages, even in dc, we went to starbucks to get the toppers, they have been out and workers don't expect them for weeks. small world problem, indication of what is go og nationwide.
5:07 am
>> ainsley: 75% of goods are shipped through trucks, most cities don't have trains. if you talk to companies or truckers that own trucks, maintenance cost, high gas prices and insurance for the trucks is so expensive, it is hard to keep workers and drivers. they will work for a few months and they can't do it anymore. >> you bring up a good point. truckers are the backbone of the xhern economy, in the short term, there are questions unanswered. >> steve: i believe the white house will have big rigs on location behind you later today. >> yes, on the south lawn. >> steve: they could pull that horn and wake you up, you are sleep deprived. >> i would be up xa. it is brutal. have a great day. >> ainsley: i hope you sleep through the night soon. >> lawrence: the white house continues to give data pointss, when americans go to the gas
5:08 am
pump, they see something different. they go to the store to purchase meat or other goods, they see empty shelves. they say crime is not a problem and people being shot left and right. the white house is telling people something different from what they see on a day-to-day basis. steek mark mentioned the axios report, it has not panned out, estimated growth over the next decade, it will grow at 3-tenths of 1% compared to 1% back in i think 2005. ron klain took exception to that and tweeted that yesterday. he was on one of the sunday shows yesterday and asked about hunter because hunter biden is in the news, his laptop was real and now the "washington post" says he was queried about that and whether the president could be in trouble.
5:09 am
yesterday on abc, watch this. here is chief of staff. >> neither the president or any of us had contact with the justice department about that. >> is the president confident hunter didn't break the law? >> of course the president is confident his son didn't break the law. most importantly, that is a matter that will be decided by the justice department and something no one at the white house has any part in. these are actions by hunter and his brother, private matters and they don't involve the president. something that no one at the white house is involved in. >> steve: how do we know? >> lawrence: there should have been follow-up, why was the president setting up meetings between the world leaders and hunter or peep nel foreign governments?
5:10 am
that is why chris christie was so upset yesterday. when they handled the dossier, it was different. this was essentially a journal on a laptop with videos, they had nothing to say. this is chris christie, watch. >> we were saying, we got to be careful about russian disinformation, but through 2016 and 2017, we know it was the hillary clinton campaign createing that dossier and paying for it, that became the basis of a "new york times" pulitzer prize. george, look, operation cross fire hurricane was all about the potential infiltration of the trump campaign by the russians, the basis of that was the dossier.
5:11 am
>> they didn't publish the dossier. >> they didn't, they did aggressively pursue that. twitter took the "new york post" twitter account down because they reported on the hunter laptop and it turned out to be true. call it what it is. "new york post" had it right and the "washington post" and the "new york times" had it wrong. >> he's right, there were some news outlets that did public the dossier, put it all out there. the other mainstream media outlets, they reported there was an investigation into it. talking about the dossier and all that stuff. there was nothing to the dossier, they reported that. whereas with the hunter laptop, it's real and they didn't report on it. >> ainsley: any time you repost the "new york post" story, they
5:12 am
would take it down, they would censure you. it is interesting the hypocrisy, "new york times" won the pulitzer for a story that turned out not to be true. they wouldn't report on hunter. you should report both and let the federal investigation play out and report the findings. >> lawrence: the argument they are making and goes to the core of the debate, they had standards and procedures for the hunter laptop story and that is not that they didn't want to report on it. they didn't take the same effort to go and look and fact check the russia dossier going against donald trump and why americans are frustrated about this, poll after poll suggested if they
5:13 am
knew this information back then and i know a lot of liberal friends who said they didn't know about it. we covered it on fox. they would have voted for someone different. >> steve: that is right. we hear from ron klain, chief of staff at the white house, he said, joe biden wasn't involved. how do we know? there is stuff on the laptop and we've heard from tony bobulinski talking about how joe biden was the big guy and the big guy was going to get a 10% cut of stuff. >> lawrence: where is hunter? we had the opportunity when he was doing a massive book tour to question him on this and he wants to go away, bring him back. >> ainsley: people want to know, he got paid so much money according to articles and reports from burisma, paid from this chinese energy company, what is his experience, why was
5:14 am
he only for his dad was vice president, did he have influence with his dad at that time, is that why they asked him to be on the board? these are questions we want to get to the bottom of. >> lawrence: during that period of time, white house or campaign was telling us, listen, he was addicted to drugs and a lot of people were compassionate. he couldn't be struggling with addiction and in this dark place and have multitude of experience negotiating deals, it doesn't add up. >> steve: mainstream media stayed away from this, we pursued, it was during the campaign, peter doocy asked joe biden, mr. vice president, have you talked to your son about overseas business dealings and joe biden snapped at him and said, absolutely not. we just put up images with joe
5:15 am
biden with some of his business dealing partners. the president probably told a whommer back in the day to get elected. >> ainsley: what father doesn't talk to his business or what they are involved in? remember the video, he admitod camera, joe biden did, that the prosecutor, if you don't fire the prosecutor, i don't do this, the guy that wanted to go after hunter. >> lawrence: the headline gets to the crux of it, hunter story is opportunity for a reckon ig, mark levin had thoughts on the media. watch. >> what i'm talking about first of all is a corrupt media. an opportunistic media that for months covered up the krupgsz
5:16 am
krupgsz krupgsz /* krupgsz corruption is the biden family. during this last election, they were confronted with a true story about a laptop, hunter, a computer fixer, who had that laptop and hard drive, who found incredible amounts data, e-mail, what did the media do? cover it up. what did the big tech oligarchs do? they covered it up and banned "new york post" and other media outlets who dared to refer to it. >> steve: the president needs to answer questions about this. >> lawrence: it is true, during the presidential race, it was bad enough they covered up his thoughts on crime and immigration.
5:17 am
they buried a story of corruption. it was videos and videos and hunter was going after his dad in anguish, talking about how he was being pushed to do these deals. apparently all the democrats and media thought biden was their guy and they couldn't ecpose him to the world. a lot of reportersville to answer for what they decided to do. >> ainsley: would they treat this the same if it was donald trump or trump jr.? >> lawrence: we know how they treated the trump family then. they have yet to come forward and discuss this story we're talking about right now with the laptop. we know how they treated the
5:18 am
trump kids before their dad was even president. >> steve: a lot to unpack. >> ainsley: ashley has headlines. >> ashley: we'll start with this, arizona, louisiana and missouri are all suing biden administration for trying to end title 42. general mark bronoshgvic joined us earlier. >> their attempt to rescind title 42 will lead to drastic consequences and right now it is on fire and this is what it will be like, throwing gasoline on the fire. >> ainsley: hundreds of higrants were released in brownsville, texas over the weekend. furious parents demand new york city mayor eric adams unmask students on the way to a
5:19 am
broadway show. >> unmask our toddlers. >> ainsley: adams continuing defending masks kids ages two to four. he credits his about face to uptick in covid cases. elon musk, buying 9.2% stake in the company and owns quadruple the shares of dorsey. musk shares of twitter worth almost $3 billion and those are your headlines, guys. >> steve: wasn't elon musk blocked by twitter a couple time? now he is the boss, that is not going to happen. >> lawrence: about to get real. >> ainsley: you have money, cubuy power. 19 after the top of the hour, coming up, air raid sirens
5:20 am
sounding off in the city of kyiv, a live report from joey jones when we come back. find your beat your moment of calm find your potential then own it support your immune system with a potent blend of nutrients and emerge your best every day with emergen-c
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>> ainsley: international outrage sparkings as horrifying images show innocent ukrainian civilians massacred outside of kyiv. president zelenskyy is accusing the kremlin of genocide, labeling putin as a war criminal and griff jenkins is on the ground in lviv in ukraine with the latest. griff. >> griff: good mornin ainsley.
5:25 am
it is startling hearing the sirens on the day that nato created 73 years ago today to protect eastern europe countries from the aggression of the soviet union. the images coming out of can i have can i have in a town called bucha horrifying in it is un's high commissioner on human rights calling it horrific, raising questions of war crimes. she just released latest confirmed count of 1430 dead. these are hard to look out, we warn viewers, you are seeing bodies of men, women, children and elderly lying in the street. president zelenskyy call thanksgiving genocide. >> concentrated evil has come to our land. murderers, torturers, rapers who
5:26 am
refer to themselves as army and deserve death after what they did. >> this as brand-new satellite images, show 45 foot long mass grave in bucha. residents describe what happened there. >> i'm sorry, tanks behind me were shooting, foot, but no light or heating to warm up. >> griff: human rights report document cases of repeated date, execution in bucha and ukraine. president zelenskyy saying ukrainian musicians wear body armor, quite something.
5:27 am
>> ainsley: it was just hard to listen to him, he's saying our musicians are wearing body armor while you are wearing tuxedos, puts everything in perspective. thanks for reporting, griff jenkins, stay safe. let's bring in fox news contributor and retired bomb technician, joey jones. you are seeing peep whole do everyday things, ride bicycles and bicycles are tipped over and they are dead next to it. or this man on the front page of "new york post," his hands tied behind his back and he is dead on the ground. >> yes, that is execution, in afghanistan i saw things i will never forget. i lost a lot of friends and two instances involve children and haunt me everyday. afghanistan is foreign to you and it is hard to ark simulate to it. when you see these pictures, the
5:28 am
streets look like what is just outside these doors and could be our backyard. it is hard to understand, when we think of a war zone, we think of a desert town with clay houses and that is not what we're seeing here, americans are for the first time in 20 years understanding how fwrusom war is. >> ainsley: we knew people were dying, we didn't know the specifics until you hear zelenskyy. why are ordinary civilians in a peaceful city tortured to death and women strangled after their earrings were ripped out of their ears and being burned alive, rape, decapitation. this used to be a thriving country. >> those people died dishonorable death, for sure, it
5:29 am
will create generations of ukrainians who tonight forge. if russia occupies ukraine, you have nothing left to lose, you don't have to which stop you. putin has to understand, he doesn't want that, that would turn his people against him. anyone that comes on and says they have it figured out, step back, they probably don't. common sense can dpied you a bit here, there was drawing from kyiv, from east and south as territory they want to hold and that gives military huge moral boost. look what we've done. russia hasn't taken mariupol and bombarded it for months.
5:30 am
>> ainsley: we were told two days russia would take over. >> thank you so much. thanks for your service. border agents arresting ms-13 gang members and those are just some criminals who haven't gotten away, our income guest's brother was murdered by an immigrant with a criminal pass. his message for the biden administration. clinically proven to give strongest hold, plus seals out 5x more food particles. fear no food. new poligrip power hold and seal. this isn't just freight. fear no food. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each, with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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>> lawrence: new concerns over who is crossing our border as agents confirm arrest of ms-13 gang members, this comes as we learn 62,000 border crossers got away in march alone n. 2018, our income guest's brother was murdered by an illegal immigrant, who was arrestd and released because of his sanctuary policy. condolences to you, thank you for joining the program. seems like the problem is not being resolved and the biden administration want to repeat title 42, what are your thoughts? >> well, when they repeal that, if they don't put anything in place to help our federal
5:35 am
immigration enforcement, it will get worse. you think it is bad now, there will be 18 to 20,000 per day coming over. you say they are protecting dreamers, they are not, they are protecting the drug traffickers, human traffickers, ms 13 gang members and sex offenders. when they protect them, they stop protecting the communities, the good people of america, the law ark biding citizens, they are not protecting. >> lawrence: same criminal enterprise. these are noncitizens with criminal convictions. we're already for 2022, 3662. outpacing the year before. >> it is amazing, i speak to my local sheriff --
5:36 am
>> lawrence: i'm sorry, 2020. >> i speak to the local sheriff here and he is for closed borders. i don't understand, it has to be by design, has to be. if you see what is going on, all you hear is everything is good, no, it's not. crime skyrocketing, people dying everyday. here in california, we have california act sb-54, that drove a wedge between state and local law enforcement. they can't even contact federal immigration when they arrest an illegal immigrant when they break the law here. they can't and them if they are illegal. our immigration, our federal immigration, it is ridiculous. they have to do their own investigation and they have to basically do their own
5:37 am
thing to remove somebody from the united states, they get no help because of this. it is not local law enforcement, they are following the law and what the legislature is putting out. it is really ridiculous and really honestly breaking our communities down. it is ridiculous. i'm fed up with it and i'm sure most americans are fed up with it. i want to say something to president biden should be ashamed of himself for not trying to fix this. not only that, it is making it worse, wait until title 42, if they lift it and don't do anything else, it will be more insane than it already is. >> lawrence: they said they would get wrecked if they decide to repeal this. condolences, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> lawrence: major media outlets acknowledging hunter scandal, a
5:38 am
congressman promises to expose biden family corruption if the gop takes back the house, he is next. ( ♪♪ ) ♪ walking on ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ ♪ some ♪ ♪ may say ♪ ♪ i'm wishing my days away ♪ ♪ no way ♪ ♪ walking on the moon ♪ shopping on public wifi is sketchy. but with aura digital security, my devices are protected in like 3 minutes. protect your wifi, credit, passwords and more. try for free at i should buy this... oooh socks!
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are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> steve: twitter took the "new york post" twitter account down because they reported on the hunter laptop which turned out to be completely true. call it what it is, "new york post" had it right, and the "washington post" and "new york times" had it wrong. now you can decide, everyone will decide what motivation for that was, simple error, whether it was not sufficient reporting, bias, everyone has an opinion on that. the facts are "new york post" had it right during the campaign and other media outlets had a wrong. >> steve: chris christie setting his panelists straight as it is admitted the laptop
5:43 am
from hell is a laptop from hell. our next guest is pledging to expose the biden family krupgsz if republicans take control in november. congressman, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what corruption could be involved there? >> oh, i don't know, something like hunter earning money from burisma and millions from chinese energy company, getting millions from the former wife of the moscow mayor, i don't know what could be going on. the bigger issue is this, joe biden said he knows nothing about what his child is doing. you know what your kids are doing unless you are estranged from them. joe biden knows what is going on and needs to be held to account.
5:44 am
>> steve: joe biden, nobody at the white house involved, watch this. >> of course the president is confident his son didn't break the law. i want to be clear, these are actions by hunter and his brother and no one at the white house is involved with it. >> that is what you expect the chief of staff to say, how do we know joe biden is not involved, how do we know somebody from that circle is not involved? we don't. >> cha ron klain didn't say, joe biden or joe's brother are not running around setting up meetings. there is a lot that needs to be exposed here, we need to investigate that, that is what republicans will be doing when we take back the house. we need to go a step further and have special council with subpoena power, get to the
5:45 am
matter now. so much is happening around the world, this is not just something going on in the other party, this is corruption in the white house. >> steve: congressman, had the mainstream media covered this before the election as fox news and "new york post" and daily mail did, would joe biden be the nominee and would he be eshg lect? ed >> he wouldn't have been the nominee, or elected. they obviously have their favorite party. we need to figure out what did twitter know, who ran to twitter to get the story posted so fast. it is crystal clear, if you tweet about dovenald trump, they let it go. you tweet facts on hunter, you get shut down for extended
5:46 am
period of time. >> steve: now that elon musk bought ten tracy humphreys of twitter maybe we'll get answers to the questions. >> why is new york times and "washington post" coming clean now? >> because they got to cover their tracks, they can't let it be seen that they never covered the story, what they are doing is throwing out a story too little, too late, nobody cares anymore. it speaks to the corruption at the times and at the post. if you are a democrat, they will cover for you, period, full stop. a republican, you can never do anything right, period, full stop. american people know this, we are to the game now, not going to be fooled anymore. that is why they are throwing the story right now, they got to cover their tracks, that's all. >> steve: congressman from naples, thank you. it is a beautiful day in naples,
5:47 am
chillier in new york city, jdid sheing d. >> janice: we will get rain tuesday into wednesday, enjoy it while we can. cold this week for the northeast. take a look at the map and i will show you temperature in new york. 36 in syracuse, snow for the northern new england and across the great lakes, it is feeling like summertime. we are watching more severe weather coming this week, texas, alabama, louisiana, large hail, damaging winds, tornados possible and heavy rainfall. that is today. tomorrow it stretches across the southeast. heavy rain could cause flash flooding, that is a concern, we'll monitor that. there is the severe threat getting into tuesday and wednesday. know where you get watches and
5:48 am
warnings,, has you covered. steve doocy, download the app and get watches and warnings. >> steve: i did and do. >> excellent. >> steve: thanks. woke world of disney could be hitting where it hurts. shareholder message to the company to cut the politics coming up next. check in with bill and dana, preview whaf happen necessary 12 minutes. >> you have a big night tonight, steve, gud luck. horrific story from the weekend, what is putin's strategy now? jack keane will tell us about that. and a president is confident his son broke no laws and senator chuck grassley will address that. >> should a student be deported for not getting the booster? he's been vaccinated, just not the booster, he is from
5:49 am
stanford. >> i'm getting ready to read some sports, we'll see you in a few minutes. rved, they'e been in leadership positions, they're willing to put their life on the line if necessary and they come to us and they say, "i need some financial help at this point in time." they're not looking for a hand out, they're looking for a little hand up. my team at newday usa is going to do everything we possibly can to make sure that veteran gets that loan. - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> lawrence: gop lawmakers lashing out at disney after response to the parental rights education bill. >> ainsley: some shareholders say the company is wasting their
5:53 am
money defending woke politics. >> steve: ashley webster is live outside disney in orlando, with this big story that has everybody talking, ashley. >> ashley: shareholders are starting to speak out more saying why is disney wasting time, money and bottom line on this issue. ray keaton says forget about the political crusades. he says this in part, if i weren't a shareholder, i would find it amusing, here is a recommendation for the ceo, get back to story telling and stop wasting monopolitical rusades that have nothing to do with disney. we all have a right to have our views heard, not on
5:54 am
shareholder's dime. one lawsuit being filed by equality florida, family eshg kwality and lesbian rights saying this law should be repealed, it limits sexual orientation and gender identity. we are talking about kindergarten through third grade. it is remarkable, gop lawmakers piling in on this, all of them questioning what is going on. congressman bob goode says disney needs to get back to wholesome entertain sxment remember who their paying audience is, parents of children. and a republican from south carolina makes this points, they are taking the position children should learn about sexual orientation and gender identity before formal education on what sex is even
5:55 am
is. something over the weekend, maryland's governor larry hogan coming out and criticizing ron desantis saying he was crazy to get in a fight with disney and called the bill the education rights bill absurd, but guess what, he hasn't read it and following blind ly the so-called gay bill. the word gay is not in the bill once. the governor needs to slow down and read it and get a better idea what it is all about, guys. >> steve: that is right. he said he hadn't read it, the maryland legislature would never pass anything like that. thank you for the great report from my happiest place or wokest place on earth. >> lawrence: we were having this conversation off air, part of the things that makes me upset about this, they are trying to say that the people that oppose
5:56 am
this bill are anti-gay, we all have people we love -- >> ainsley: people for the bill. >> lawrence: exactly, that we're against having some sort of conversation and that is not true, what we're saying, minors shouldn't have those conversations. i remember in school, before they could have a conversation each relating to sex, parents had to sign off on it. >> ainsley: legislators are saying, teachers if kids ask, say go home and ask your parents about it. >> steve: taking a brief timeout, back on the other side. derriere discomfort. we try to soothe it with this. cool it with this. and relieve it with this. but new preparation h soothing relief spray is the 21st century way to do all three. even touch free. preparation h. get comfortable with it.
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>> we know who he is pulling for tonight. >> jayhawks, come on. >> we should do this again? >> you want to tomorrow? >> i may. >> have a good day, everyone. >> bill: good morning, everybody. day 40. russia's invasion of ukraine. putin's army retreating around the capitol city. horrifying evidence of towns that have been mass act erd. good morning. monday. tough story to start with. good morning to you. >> dana: i'm dana perino. this is "america's newsroom." we have a lot to get to and we have new images as well that we've just received. these pictures coming to us from ukraine suburb of bucha. they're difficult to look at. streets are littered with bodies. you can see the remains of
6:01 am


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